Music from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest



FEW soundtracks capture a movie's relevant characters as well as Hans Zimmer's effort has managed to here. Jack Sparrow opens with a sly cello, and despite the dramatic accents lent to the theme later on, the tune renders a playful aspect to the proceedings throughout.

Elsewhere, The Kraken conjures up the savage briny depths, and Davy Jones juxtaposes an evil pipe organ with the sweet tinkling of a music box (yes, kids, he put his heart in a box because some nasty lady broke it). Next up is the creeping dread of a visit to Tia Dalma and the asinine revelry of Two Hornpipes.

The soundtrack really comes into its own on the last three tracks, with the various themes weaving into one another on Wheel of Fortune, the perfect accompaniment to the movie's kinetic closing. Topping things off is the epic Hello Beastie, a tip of the hat to one of Disney's iconic creatures.

To sum up, the score to the Pirates sequel is rousing, amusing, and surprisingly dark, in keeping with the movie itself. It's worth a listen, and may even earn you some bemused stares as you conduct an imaginary orchestra while ensconced in traffic.



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