Future Past


001THE latest refugee from British boy band Blue is Duncan James, but unfortunately, his first effort is not much to shout about. You'd think that breaking away from a boy band, these guys would go on and do something different from what they have given us but apart from Robbie Williams, not many reinvent themselves and explore new genres and styles.

Duncan James still sounds like he is in the boy band and the songs in this album are generally plain and safe.

The way this album is put together, it sounds as if Blue has turned into a one-man show instead of a quintet made up of hunks.

Large parts of this album are really lifeless. When I first put it on, Duncan's music didn't catch my attention and just faded into the background. I thought to myself: "If this album had a taste, it would probably be cardboard."

Still, it didn't turn out to be a total waste of time. Can't Stop a River, Letter to God and a beautiful "hidden track" titled Save This Moment for Me (which melted my stone cold heart!) almost save this album.

If you were a fan of Blue, you might appreciate this because the material is somewhat the same but if you never were, I suggest you avoid this like the plague.



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