The Sound of Revenge



GRAMMY awards and multi-platinum-selling albums are all very well, but you know you've really made it when Weird Al Yankovic makes a parody of one of your songs. But let's rewind....

Chamillionaire sets out to prove that Southern rappers can do as good a job as the more celebrated cats from up North have done so far, and with the release of his debut album, he's showing that at least one MC from the South has what it takes to meet the superstars of the game head-on.

What is impressive about The Sound of Revenge is that the self-styled Mixtape Messiah from Houston, Texas, proves that he's got a good voice -- a clear but rapid-fire rapping style and the ability to effortlessly change the tempo of his rapping within a single song. Best of all, he also has something worthwhile to say.

The perfect example is Ridin' (which will be parodied as White and Nerdy on Weird Al's upcoming album). Featuring Krazie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, the song is all about how the cops abuse their powers, especially when it comes to dealing with minorities. On top of that, both MCs are on top form -- with smooth-flowing rapping and a catchy hook to go with it.

For sheer musical value, though, you've just gotta catch Southern Takeover. With its powerfully intense beat and killer vocals, this cut's da bomb!

On the whole, I'd say the kid done good on this album.



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