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Ensuring Success for a Beginning Musician

Whether you, your son or daughter is beginning to take piano, guitar, or other musical lessons, a lifetime of pleasure and personal growth can spring from the discipline and enjoyment that come from learning to play a musical instrument. Following, we will discuss 3 simple steps to help a beginning piano, guitar, or other stringed instrument player get the most out of his or her budding music career.

Step 1 – set them up with a successful and complimentary teacher. Be sure that your student, son or daughter is set up for success by partnering them with the best instructor you can afford. By, “best instructor, you must take into account more than the teaching skills. Do a little research and your child might be the next Chopin, tickling the ivory keys for Kings and Queens.

  • Interview other parents and students
  • Make sure the instructor's personality matches your child's learning temperament
  • Don't be afraid to sit in and ask questions on a few lessons
  • Regularly find out how your child feels about their instructor relationship
  • Head off any early negatives in the relationship so it does not cause discouragement

Step 2 - Keep the lines of communication open:Many times, either the instructor will develop the wrong attitude toward your child, or your child will develop a negative attitude toward his or her instructor due to misunderstanding or personality differences.

  • Maintaining the proper communication with the instructor will help you coach them about your son or daughter
  • Maintaining dialogue with your son or daughter will help redirect any discouragement when they misunderstand their instructor and interpret an interaction as “mean” or “overbearing”

Step 3 - Provide the best resources for your child's success: In order to give the best foundation of success, whether the child is a beginning piano student, beginning guitar student or other musical instrument, do your best to provide the best resources in 3 specific areas

  • Create a safe, consistent practice environment where the student is no pressured, distracted or potentially embarrassed. Early in their music training, these things can end a potential life-long love and career for a piano or guitar student.
  • Provide the best possible musical equipment that you can afford for your child to train and practice with. Finding the best instrument for a budding pianist is a little different than finding a good beginner guitar. With a little homework, a decent piano can be found at a decent price. Additionally, sometimes local schools or churches will co-op with students to provide limited hours where a student can come an practice on their pianos.
  • Provide consistent encouragement and let the student go at his or her comfortable pace. If your son or daughter is excelling, encourage and “run” with their talent ad far as you can help them. If your son or daughter is more timid or reluctant, adjusting to their pace will help ensure the appropriate level of encouragement and enthusiasm to equal their own.

In summary, remember to find the best teacher and keep lines of communication open for your beginning piano or guitar student. Additionally, provide encouragement and support that compliments your student's pace and enthusiasm level. By providing the best foundation for your child, you will ensure that they have the best chance at developing their musical talent as far as it will go.

Aaron Schulman is a family man, web developer and musical composer and has been an avid guitar player since 1990. Before purchasing your first guitar be sure to visit where you can read more honest acoustic guitar reviews so you can invest in the best beginner acoustic guitar for your money.


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